my rose lalonde entry!

thank you tinybro for your submission!

so i put a few entries into this thing and y’know what i was never in love with my rose cosplay but i got to knit while wearing it so who cares that was fun

#also while i might not like that wig for rose because it was just what i had lying around #the fact that it was coincidentally the same exact wig van used for dave was amazing

Two words: Soul Eater.

Evaluating additional costume choices for Anime Weekend Atlanta

(Posting this using the OLD “Add a Text Post” page because at least my computer/browser can HANDLE that without insane lag as I type, unlike the new version.)

For Karkat:

  • Make new horns (already have the InstaMorph, wire, paint, etc.)
  • Buy wig
  • Heat ‘n Bond a grey Cancer sign to my existing black mock turtleneck
  • Find a Terezi and a photographer?

For Terezi:

  • Make new horns (see above)
  • Buy wig
  • Buy black lipstick
  • Buy arm gloves or zentai suit (not painting my arms again if I can avoid it)
  • Buy black sweatpants (which would also be used outside of costumes)
  • Buy girly Libra T-shirt? (existing Heat ‘n Bond job is a unisex large, so it won’t hug my figure)
  • Buy cane
  • Buy red blindfold
  • Arrange for photographer
  • Buy or create a Gamzee-shaped piñata???

A long-time contact lens wearer’s reaction upon donning prescription glasses for the first time in over a decade, after having picked up photography in the interim.




plus I think I might also be seeing some chromatic aberration or something


Horrible thought while reading Loveless vol. 12

The turtlenecks and the hair styles made me think it:

A combination of Seimei and Kankri.

Well, she *can't* (yet) read or write...
Eaglet: *points at calendar* The number A?
Cyanna [Jeff Goldblum]: Ah-ah-ah... the _letter_ A, my friend.
Me, on only the most WTFey thing of the many WTFey things I just witnessed while watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion.
Kyuubey: All you have to do is acknowledge the true power inside of you!
Me: Man, when KYUUBEY is spouting the most clichéd line I've heard in this entire franchise, you know this movie is totally wack.
Of course, you know this means I have to check the credits now to see if promotional consideration was paid for by Toyota.

Of course, you know this means I have to check the credits now to see if promotional consideration was paid for by Toyota.

Short Skirt, Long Jacket
Cake: She's changing her name from Kitty to Karen
She's trading her MG for a white Chrysler LeBaron
I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket
Me: ...and, apparently, questionable taste in automobiles.


To My Dearest Daniel,

I’ve always hated these kinds of speeches. All the ones I’ve heard before have invariably felt ridiculous, artificial, melodramatic and exaggerated. However, I don’t feel too hypocritical about writing this one because I am making our good officiant read it out loud. HEE HEE.

In all seriousness, while I have likely conveyed all of these sentiments at one point or another, I wanted to be sure that you hear them—again—on this special day.

You are the closest friend that I have ever known. I can talk to you about everything; from the most mundane topics to the most fantastic propositions. I didn’t think it was possible to achieve this level of intimacy with anyone; even an imaginary friend…not that I have any of those, of course. 

You have helped me see that I cannot and should not blame myself for any of my defects. In fact, you’ve shown me that some of those “defects” are not defects at all.

There have been events in my past that have burdened me with guilt, because I’ve only perceived my own weakness in them. You have helped me recognize how these were actually formidable displays of strength.

You make me believe in concepts I merely scoffed at in the past; beautiful concepts, like the existence of soulmates, which you demonstrate to me, now, every day.

You have shown me that it’s not silly or immature for an adult to like little critters. You’ve shown that caring for something so fragile is, in truth, a very good thing.

You encourage me to pursue my interests, even when they may not coincide—or may even conflict—with your own. You graciously indulge me by enduring those interests, making numerous funny faces as a show of support.

Without you, I would have forever believed that my self-worth was measured by the job I have, the salary I make, and the countless other factors that, fundamentally, say nothing about who I really am. In fact, had I never met you, I’m not sure that there could ever have been a “me”. 

Throughout my life, I had insisted that my greatest desire was to attend an Ivy League college, and then embark on a path that would one day lead to my winning a prestigious award, like the Nobel Prize. But, what I have actually, truly longed for was someone who would complete me. As the years passed, I came to believe that such a thing was not even possible. I resigned myself to such impossibility…but then I met you.

For the first time in my life, I feel alive. You help me unearth aspects of me, so long and deeply buried, that I had forgotten they existed at all. At long last, I am finally starting to feel like a real person. All thanks to you.

If karma existed, then I wouldn’t change any aspect of my past; for every bit of it was worth enduring if it meant that I would be deserving enough to find you. But, of course, karma isn’t my thing; so I’ll just credit random statistical probability instead.

I love you, my honey. Thank you for being my friend, my partner, my guide, my guardian, my home and my family.